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Nooreya BioGas & Engineering is engaged in Biogas plant construction, supply of Biogas Burner,Hajak light,Generator & Fittings to different Governmental,Non-Governmental,foreign organizations & their projects for the past 25 years all over Bangladesh
Almost 86 generators are running through Biogas convertion in different poultry & dairy farms of Bangladesh.
  • Time Frame Implementation :
Biogas Plant construction,Cattle Purchasing,Generator placing & distribution line construction will get completed within 90 days from the starting of the project.
  • Workforce :
A team of workers & Staffs completes our workforce,we have total 10 employees in our team.
  • Post project service :
We provide 1 year free service to our client after the project starts working.25 years of useable Fibre Glass BioGas plant servicing with a  minimal service fee from the next year.
  • Conclusion :

Bangladesh is an agriculture based country.But the Main problem in agriculture production is the scarcity of fuel & fertilizer.Because of the rise in the cost of production,the prices of produced agro-based items also increase proportionately.Biogas production is a social business as well.We believe that the upcoming days,this will play a very important role in the development in our country.